Updated Effective Date: 1 January 2018


BARFIGHT! (the “Competition”) is organized by Graybeard Distillery, Inc. in each participating market (the “Local Market”).

The Competition is void wherever prohibited or restricted by law.


Each competitor must identify as a bartender or mixologist, depending on their preferred moniker, currently employed by a business or establishment in possession of a liquor license or other necessary permit where employees are permitted to sell mixed drinks and spiritous liquor to customers.

In addition to working in an establishment heretofore defined and described, the participants must be of legal drinking age in the relevant Local Market or older and comply with the Rules and

Regulations of the Competition:

  • Entries must be made using the entry form on between 30th March 2018 and 31st May 2018. You are permitted to make one entry and entry is free of charge.
  • Each participant will submit ONE original cocktail recipe via the entry form on the website indicated above (the “Submission”). Multiple entries will nullify the entrant’s participation in the competition.
  • Each recipe must feature at least 30ml (1.0 ounce) of Bedlam Vodka. The total alcohol contained in the cocktail may not exceed 90ml (3oz) and the additional alcoholic ingredients may exceed 30ml (1.0 ounce) per ingredient. The submitted cocktail may not contain more than 8 ingredients total, excluding garnish. The right to determine what constitutes garnish resides solely in the discretion of GRAYBEARD and the Judging panel.
  • Where a recipe refers to bespoke ingredients (such as syrups, infusions, home-made bitters, etc.) a full methodology for making these ingredients must be submitted together with the cocktail recipes. Bespoke or custom ingredients may not contain more than 3 of the 8 ingredient limit.
  • Each recipe must be described in detail and include all necessary garnish notes, glassware type and method of combination and mixing.
  • Each entry must include a photo of the cocktail with all garnishment and in the proper glassware. A bottle of Bedlam vodka must be present in the photo next to the cocktail. The esthetic quality of the photograph is not important. You aren’t being Judged on your skills with a camera.
  • Each recipe submitted will be Judged equally on creativity, taste, aroma, technique, and relevance
    As well as skill and taste, the judging panel will take into consideration how you plan to promote your cocktail when judging your entry; for example, you could promote your entry in a bar, or through social media. This can be done by creating a hashtag for your drink and using it alongside #bedlambarfight.
  • The selection of the Semi-Finalists will be notified after the entry closing date.
  • GRAYBEARD reserves the right to modify the cocktail name and/or ingredients in order to comply with the GRAYBEARD Marketing Code requirements – each Local Market Competition lead is responsible for ensuring that all participants in the Local Market are aware of the relevant sections of the GRAYBEARD Marketing Code.
  • GRAYBEARD reserves the right that the cocktail itself, if chosen as a finalist and/or winner, including any Intellectual Property resulting in the liquid or any ancillary Intellectual Property created by the marketing of the cocktail including any assets or imagery, becomes property of GRAYBEARD.
    Each BARFIGHT! Finalist must submit a signature cocktail for the Final that shall be photographed for use in the BARFIGHT! cocktail database at GRAYBEARD’s sole discretion.


The Bedlam BARFIGHT! Final competition will take place in Atlanta, GA on June 26th, 2018.

Judges will include GRAYBEARD Brand Ambassadors, respected industry & mixologist professionals and/or media or entertainment personalities. Lodging accomodations will be provived by GRAYBEARD to all semifinalists. Travel expenses are not included.

Finalists will be asked to compete in a pre-advised number of mixology challenges, as Judged by BARFIGHT! Judges. Participants will be Judged on creativity, technique, presentation, expression of the spirit/brand knowledge, aroma, taste & flavor, speed, cleanliness and any other criteria relevant to the specific challenge and the competition overall.

One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded from the Finalists chosen. The prize for the one winner, announced at the event include:
  • A cash prize of $10,000.00 (TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS).
  • The right to represent the GRAYBEARD brand and to work with the Local Market in the year following the win as a BARFIGHT! Ambassador, these duties may be paid or unpaid, to include, media appearances on behalf of GRAYBEARD BARFIGHT!, mentoring and training of other BARFIGHT! participants and spokesperson for BARFIGHT!.
The following are the general requirements for the Grand Prize Winner:
  • If requested, work with the Local Market GRAYBEARD representatives to create a schedule for the following year.
  • Participate in local, regional and national press efforts throughout the year as requested by GRAYBEARD
  • Appear in digital content as requested by GRAYBEARD throughout the year
  • Opportunity to travel to other participating countries around the world to educate bartenders.
  • Participate in BARFIGHT! Final each year and act as a mentor to future participants where appropriate.
  • GRAYBEARD shall have full usage rights of all photos/recipes submissions/video footage of the winner – for 10 years, through to June 2028.
  • Satisfaction and payment of local, state and federal taxes owed by the recipient as relating to these and any prize awarded at BARFIGHT! shall be the sole responsibility of the recipient
  • The selected Grand Prize Winner must agree to adhere to the GRAYBEARD Marketing Code and all other GRAYBEARD Codes of Conduct and policies.


Entry in the Competition constitutes an entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to abide by and accept the terms and conditions of these Official Rules. Prize is non-transferable except at the sole discretion of GRAYBEARD. By accepting the prize, winner waives the right to assert as a cost of winning said prize, any and all costs of redemption or travel to redeem said prize and any and all liability that might arise from redeeming or seeking said prize. GRAYBEARD reserves the right to conduct a background check of any criminal records of the prize winners and travel companions. To the extent necessary and permitted by law, prize-winners and travel companions shall authorize this background check. GRAYBEARD reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify prize-winners and/or travel companion(s) from any prize element, based on the background check or based on any evidence that they may or could breach one of GRAYBEARD’s policies or code of conduct or could otherwise act in a way that may damage GRAYBEARD’s reputation and therefore make them an unsuitable representative of GRAYBEARD . Winner also accepts sole responsibility for any miscellaneous costs relating to acceptance or implementation of the prize.

Competition entry must be original, not have been entered in any other drink recipe competition or violate the rights of other parties, including any intellectual property, trade secret or other proprietary right of any other parties. Competition entry may not be offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, obscene, libelous, reflect poorly on the brands or be inappropriate for use in advertising or for promotional publicity purposes as determined by GRAYBEARD and/or the Judge(s) in their sole discretion. Competition entry must be unpublished and must be the work solely of the entrant.

All materials, documents, information and data submitted to Graybeard in connection with this Competition, including the Competition entry and submission (collectively “Competition Entry”) are the property of GRAYBEARD, will not be returned and cannot be acknowledged. By entering the Competition, entrants represent and warrant that their Competition Entry is their sole, original work and that it does not infringe upon the rights of any other party, including but not limited to any intellectual property, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any other party. By submitting a Competition Entry, entrant further represents and warrants that any person(s) referenced has given his or her express written consent to the reference and use as contemplated by these Official Rules and that entrant has obtained written permission for such use from any such person. Submission of an entry grants GRAYBEARD the right to use, publish, adapt, edit and/or modify Competition Entry in any way, in whole or in part, and to use such Competition Entry, and any ideas or concepts contained therein, in commerce and in any and all media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide, including but not limited to GRAYBEARD websites and social media sites, without limitation or compensation to the entrant and without right of notice, review or approval of any such use of the Competition Entry. Submission of a Competition Entry further constitutes the entrant’s consent to irrevocably assign and transfer to GRAYBEARD any and all rights, title and interest in and to the Competition Entry, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights and proprietary rights subsisting in or relating to their cocktail recipes and drinks created under the Competition worldwide. Any content, material or information included in Competition Entry shall not be confidential, proprietary or trade secret. By submitting a Competition Entry, entrant consents to GRAYBEARD’s use, reproduction and disclosure of the Competition Entry, and ideas, concepts or other materials contained therein, for any purpose, including any commercial purpose. Any Competition Entry that contains third party artistic works, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, logos or similar brand identifying marks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights will not constitute a valid Competition Entry.

Entrants shall be liable for any third party claims, actions or proceedings of any kind and from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorney fees and court costs, arising out of any breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties and representations set forth above.

By entering this Competition, bartenders and participants are giving GRAYBEARD and its affiliate’s explicit rights to use your photo, an image of your cocktail, cocktail name, and your cocktail recipe for publicity purposes, including social media, at no cost to GRAYBEARD.

The selected Grand Prize Winner will, if required by GRAYBEARD, enter into a reimbursed talent agreement (including, but not limited to, terms regarding payment terms, exclusivity, specific number of appearances, etc.) in the format available to view on request.


Each year the challenges in BARFIGHT! are designed to test every aspect of a bartender’s skill, technique and how they work under pressure.

Some of the challenges require a command of classic recipes and knowledge of the stories behind them, some challenges require spontaneous creativity and inventiveness and being able to interpret new flavors.

Most importantly your ability to communicate and charm your guests and if necessary explain your work will be a major skill we will look for, after all that has always been a crucial part of the bartender’s art.


Everyone is scored in all the challenges they compete in by the Judges. There may be points deducted for infringements of the rules or time penalties. Everyone is scored from top to bottom in each Challenge based on the position. The scoring position gives points and these accumulate throughout the competition.

GRAYBEARD reserves the right to change, modify, amend or promulgate a formal BEDLAM BARFIGHT! 2018 Official Cocktail Competition Rules & Scorecard handout prior to the competition.
The morning round competition will involve all 6 semi-finalists. Judges will determine the 3 finalists to advance to the evening competition. Those 3 semifinalists not advancing will be automatically entered into the People’s Choice competition for favorite cocktail as determined by the total accumulated votes from the audience in attendance at the evening Gala. People’s Choice competitors will be provided their own bar and supplies for cocktail mixing during the evening Gala.


  • Drinks in any of the Challenges may not contain more than eight ingredients, including fruit juices, syrups, bespoke ingredients, drops, dashes, etc. It is acceptable to additionally spray a citrus fruit zest or an aromatic spray over the drink if specified as a garnish and it does not count as an ingredient.
  • Recipes must contain a minimum of 30ml (1.0oz) of Bedlam VODKA.
  • The total combined alcoholic ingredients must be equivalent to no more than 90ml (3oz) at 40% alc./vol. (total alcohol equivalent to less than 36ml/1.2oz at 100% alc./vol.).
  • Ingredients may be measured using a jigger or similar measure or freely poured if appropriate.
  • Participants are permitted to use their own bar tools, cocktail shakers or mixing glasses for the creation of the cocktails if specified in the challenge’s description.
  • The organizers will also have fully stocked bartender kits at all of the venues for the use of the participants.
  • The organizers will supply high quality cubed (approx 25ml/1inch square) and an ice-crusher.
  • Please check with the organizers about the availability of block ice. In the event it is not available you can produce and bring your own
  • Juicers, blenders and induction hobs and pans will be provided for food based challenges if required.
  • Drinks may be served straight up over ice, using crushed, hand-cracked, or hand-carved ice at the participant’s discretion.
  • Participants are required to make the correct number of servings of each cocktail as defined under the Challenge specific rules.
  • Participants will be given time to familiarize themselves with the bar area and prepare equipment and ingredients within the preparation time-limits for each challenge.
  • Participants must prepare drinks within the time limits specified in the challenges. Going over-time will result in a point penalty applied per minute.
  • Participants serving drinks that appear inedible or working with unhygienic methods may be disqualified from that Challenge.


  • All garnishes for cocktails can be created during the preparation and finished in the bartender’s presentation time except for the Final Evening Challenge – The ALTERcation.
  • In the ALTERcation challenge, everything has to be made during the live presentation; no preparation of garnishes is allowed.
  • Garnishes may be mounted on sticks, skewers, straws, forks or other common bar accessories.


  • All of the main ingredients for your cocktails must be assembled in front of the Judges during your presentation time slot.
  • Homemade or bespoke ingredients such as pre-mixes, infusions, foams, etc. can be prepared before the challenge but must comprise no more than three of the eight maximum allowed ingredients.
  • You are allowed to use barrel-aged ingredients but they cannot comprise more than 30ml (1oz) of the ingredients in any cocktail.


  • You may use any kind of glass, cup or other receptacle and props if specified in the challenge’s description. Multiple types of glassware will be made available to each contestant, at the beginning of each round, as and if the challenge requires it.
  • Standard glassware will be available for use in all challenges if the contestant does not supply their own.
  • No brand name or logo other than the discrete mark of the glassware manufacturer should be visible.
  • You may use service-ware items to support any serves that accompany your cocktails where the challenge allows them.


  • Recipes must be provided by the deadlines specified in the toolkit provided to finalists once selected, otherwise the participant will be disqualified.
  • Recipes may be adjusted after the deadline within reason (i.e. not substituted entirely) so long as the organizers are notified immediately and agree to the changes.
  • Signature Recipes entered must be the original creation of the competitor and if a competitor is thought to have obviously plagiarized a known, existing cocktail they may be disqualified.
  • All ingredients must specify a measured quantity. i.e.. squeeze of half a lime” is unacceptable.
  • Recipes entered must be expressed in ounces (US) and/or milliliters with the use of ‘dashes’ and/or ‘drops’ limited to bitters, hot pepper sauce and equivalent.


For the avoidance of doubt, by entering this competition, participants agree to assign to GRAYBEARD, with full title guarantee and without restriction, the legal and beneficial ownership of all intellectual property rights subsisting in or relating to their cocktail recipes and drinks names created under the Competition.

Participants and drinks presented during the Competition may be photographed (still, moving images) by the organizers and copyright for any use to include advertising will be retained by GRAYBEARD DISTILLERY, Inc., BEDLAM VODKA and all other GRAYBEARD entities.


Drink names including rude, lurid, sexual words, or words associated with narcotics or motor vehicles or any other names that are not compliant with the GRAYBEARD Marketing Code or otherwise may damage GRAYBEARD’s reputation are prohibited and will be disqualified.

Drink names must not use references to fictional or cartoon characters associated with anyone under legal drinking age.


To overcome language difficulties if you are not confident to present in English you are permitted to have an interpreter to translate during your presentation. Please bear in mind there is no additional time allowance for translation.



The Judges and Competition organizers reserve the right to have the final decision on any matter relating to the judging of the Competition.

Participants will be Judged according to the criteria set out in the rules and scored out of a potential maximum points that can be awarded by each Judge per challenge.


We will give access to the scores to any participant after the completion of the challenge and all of the totals and scores have been tallied and double-checked.

All of the challenges have a slightly different balance of scoring points in each category to reflect subtly different requirements.

The scoring points you earn are converted into ranking points by a percentage process.

The ranking point system ensures all Judges’ scores carry equal value.

Every single challenge has the same weight in the overall points system.


The comprehensive criteria covers bartending skill as a whole and includes but is not limited to: tool-use, efficiency, professionalism and the garnishing and appearance of the drink; communication, story-telling and the way you interact with the Judges; your personality and knowledge of spirits and the traditional cocktail; the ability to combine interesting flavors and ingredients. For unique cocktails, originality achieves the highest reward, when you are making classic cocktails it can be a detail or a subtle interpretative twist.

There is more to bartending than making an amazing cocktail; manipulation of tools, the ability to maintain a work station, the ability to perform under stress and within a compressed period of time. These are all skills that shall be evaluated. However, it should not go unsaid that you gain extra points for the difficulty of the round of drinks you present; crucially the final Judgement on what is in the glass.

The full criteria as well as the point structure for each round and the specific components each challenge will incorporate will be disclosed to the 6 finalists selected once the entry period has closed.