Mikey Gordon

Bar Manager // Wholly Smokin Downtown // Florence, SC
Originally from Maryland, Mikey now lives in Florence, SC with his wife and kids. Early in his career he moved to DC and worked as a door guy until one of the bartenders he was keeping safe decided to take him under his wing. Mikey has reached the level he is currently at by learning from seasoned bartenders and mentors along the way. Working in a high-volume, drink slinging atmosphere for 6 years prepared Mikey for whatever gets thrown at him while behind the bar. Mikey cut his teeth behind the bar at Bourbon in Glover Park, DC which boasts over 200 different Bourbons. While at working at Bourbon for 7 years, Mikey and a good friend eventually took over the bar program which lead to the two learning from each other and creating some crazy concoctions. Mikey is now the Bar Manager at Wholly Smokin Downtown where he thoroughly enjoys serving drinks to people that no one thinks would work.


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